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Using a professional-grade verb finder has become a new norm in almost all fields of writing, especially in the academic writing domain for proofreading for subject verb agreement errors and many other mistakes related to main verbs as well as the helping verbs. It offers numerous advantages to a wide range of writers.

How Does Verb Checker Ensure the Correct Use of Verbs?

Online verb checker is a specialized tool to identify parts of speech in a sentence online. It detects all types of verb-related mistakes through a software-based algorithm that implements all grammatical rules and writing specifications in it. The most salient steps that ensure the correct use of verbs include:

  • Scans the input text with help of software program
  • Compares the scanned text with the inbuilt grammatical rules
  • Detects the mistakes that are not in line with the writing standards and the governing rules
  • Provides the right correction to the mistake

The tool for noun verb detection cannot skip any verb-related mistake that violates the rules governing the correct use of verbs. It is free from human-error too.

Top Advantages of Using a Verb Detector

The topmost advantages of using our specialized adverb phrase finder are listed below:

verb finder features
  • Saves time and money substantially
  • Higher level accuracy in results
  • Detects and fixes all types of verb related errors
  • Catches and corrects numerous other types of grammatical errors
  • Offers an option to check the paper for unlimited times
  • Easy to access through supported browsers across the globe
  • Available round the clock to check your paper instantly without any waiting queues
  • Tweaks your paper according to a wide range of writing standards and referencing styles
  • Available in freemium as well as premium versions

What Types of Papers Can Verb Finder Check?

Our online tool can check almost all types of papers and documents. A few most important ones are listed below:

  • Academic thesis
  • Research dissertation
  • General essays
  • Home tasks
  • Question papers
  • Books and eBooks
  • Journal’s articles
  • Online web content
  • Subject assignments
  • Project reports
  • And many others

For Whom Subject Verb Agreement Checker Is Useful?

Our professional-level to be verb finder is useful for a wide range of writers, especially the writers associated with the academics. The following types of writers can benefit from our online verb finder:

  • Students and teachers
  • Professors and researchers
  • Scholars and academicians
  • Grammaticians and technical writers
  • Web content writers and bloggers
  • Marketers and creative writers
  • Corporate business writers
  • Technical consultants and specialists

Major Types of Mistakes Verb Generator Can Detect

Our tool is specialized in detecting all types of mistakes related to verbs and other grammatical mistakes. A few very common types of mistakes that our online tool can detect include:

mistakes to fix with verb checker
  • Subject-verb agreement issues
  • Verb-tense misuses
  • Regular and irregular verb forms
  • Bad choices of verbs and words
  • Gerund and to-be verb issues
  • Misuses of main/auxiliary verbs in sentences
  • Active and passive voice errors
  • Preposition and prepositional phrase issues
  • Pronoun and noun mistakes in sentences
  • Sentence structure and composition issues
  • Comma splices, fragmented sentences, and run-on sentences
  • Adverb and conjunction misuses
  • Issues in degrees of adjectives
  • Punctuation and spelling mistakes
  • Plagiarized content detection
  • Issues related to text tone and effectiveness
  • Tense and verb shift in sentences and paragraphs

How Does Subject and Verb Finder Online Work?

How to find a verb in a sentence through an online verb detector? It is so simple and easy to use our online tool. Take the following steps to get your text checked and verified through our verb finder:

  1. Copy and paste your text into the widget of our online tool
  2. Click the “check my text” button. The online tool automatically runs the checking procedure and highlights the mistake by underlining them.
  3. Click on the underlined words. The corrective options appear.
  4. Choose the right option for correction. Repeat the same process for other mistakes
  5. You are done!

An Expert Advice: How to Check My Sentence for Verbs Professionally?

Using or revising the verbs in sentences is a knowledgeable task, which requires expert-level writing skills and command over grammar rules. A few very useful pieces of advice on effective use of verbs are mentioned below:

  • Try to use action-oriented verbs and in active voice form
  • Try to avoid using the nouns derived from verbs for stressing the main action
  • Using helping verbs such as can, should, may, and others should be based on their standard rules
  • Avoid using the verbs as adjectives or adverbs in the sentences
  • Always try to refrain from creating verbs from non-verb words such as breakfasting
  • Refrain from using verbs as nouns in sentences
  • Always use the transitive verbs for the sake of transitiveness not the other way round
  • Strictly follow the basic rule of to-be verb without any exception in the sentences  
  • Always use the strong verbs that can describe the action accurately and to-the-point

If you want to find and fix all types of verb-related mistakes in your paper to make your paper great, try our specialized verb finder with full confidence!