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Fixing pronoun mistakes in your text is a very skillful activity that requires expert-level knowledge and skills of writing and English grammar. Using a software-based pronoun finder for finding and correcting pronoun use errors has become a new norm in the field of writing in recent years.

Pronoun in English: an Overview

In English grammar, the pronoun is a word in the sentence that replaces the names of a thing, idea, place, or a person. The examples of a pronoun include he, she, it, who, that, these, and others.

Pronoun is one of the most important components in the English grammar that is used in a variety of replacements of nouns. Many writers, especially those who use English as a foreign language (EFL), make many types of mistakes while writing their text. The most common mistakes made by writers with examples are mentioned below:

errors to fix with pronoun corrector

#1. Misuse of objective and subjective forms of pronouns

In this mistake, the objective form of the personal pronoun is used instead of the subjective. Similarly, the subjective form of pronoun is used in place of objective form as shown in the following examples:

Wrong: My friend and me are planning to go to a hill station.

Correct: My friend and I are planning to go to a hill station.

Wrong: Students were so happy because a local football hero was spending time with they.

Correct: Students were so happy because a local football hero was spending time with them.

#2. Use of reflexive pronoun in place of subjective form of pronoun

In this type of mistake, the reflexive pronoun with -self or -selves suffix is wrongly used in place of subjective form as shown in example:

Wrong: My brother and myself were so excited to leave for the London tour.

Correct: My brother and I were so excited to leave for the London tour.

#3. Pronoun subject-verb disagreement

In this mistake, the pronoun used as subject in the sentence is followed by an incorrect use of the verb.

Wrong: She work in a cement factory.

Correct: he works in the cement factory.

#4. Disagreement with number of nouns it replaces

When the number of nouns replaced by pronoun is not correct as shown in the example:

Wrong: It is so irritating when my student does not concentrate on what they are taught.

Correct: It is so irritating when my student does not concentrate on what he is taught.

#5. Incorrect pronoun reference for replacing a noun

The right choice of pronoun for referring to a noun which may be a thing, a person, or an idea, should be used.

Wrong: I know the lady, which was accused of corruption.

Correct:  know the lady who was accused of corruption.

Types of Pronouns: How Can a Pronoun Tester Solve Different Types of Pronoun Mistakes?

In English grammar, there are seven types of pronouns. Those all seven types of pronouns are governed by certain rules to replace different types of nouns. Those seven types of pronouns are listed below:

  • Possessive
  • Indefinite
  • Interrogative
  • Demonstrative
  • Personal
  • Reflexive
  • Intensive

Let’s explain all those seven types of pronoun mistakes and how our online first and second person checker can find the nouns and pronouns online mistakes.

types of pronouns to check with pronoun tester

#1. Interrogative pronoun checker online

Our specialized tool finds all types of interrogative pronouns such as what, which, whom, whose, and others and their misuses automatically. Also provides the option to choose the correct pronoun to use.  

#2. Possessive pronouns checker

Finding the misuses of possessive pronouns like mine, theirs, and others is so easy to find and fix through our online tool.

#3. Indefinite pronoun identifier

Indefinite pronouns like nobody, everyone, everybody, none, and others can be easily detected through online grammar check indefinite pronoun.

#4. Demonstrative pronoun finder

An online pronoun corrector can identify demonstrative pronoun mistakes such as the misuse of those, these, this, and others without any confusion at all.

#5. Personal pronouns checker

Our tool specializes in personal pronoun mistakes like the incorrect use of he, she, it, you, they and others.

 #6. Intensive pronoun finder

Intensive pronouns how to find them in a sentence? Intensive pronouns are identified by putting antecedents emphasized through possessive pronouns like myself, himself, and others.

#7. Reflexive pronouns detector

How to fix reflexive pronoun use? Simply, use our online tool to get this done professionally.

Useful Rules on Using Pronouns Like a Pro

Our specialized pronoun correct is used for identifying pronouns but it can also be used for identifying subject and verbs in the sentences. The rules to use pronouns properly are listed below:

how to use pronouns in a sentence
  • Follow cases of personal pronouns properly – Use subject, objective, and possessive forms at the right place.
  • Manage symmetry while connecting two forms of pronouns (acts/states) – This clarifies any kinds of confusion and makes sentences correct and meaningful.
  • Pronoun as subject and verb agreement should be maintained – Different conditions of this rule should be followed properly.
  • Reflexive and possessive pronouns cannot be used as subjects – Strict adherence to this rule makes your writing professional.
  • The first-person singular should always be used at the end in a sequence of pronouns – This rule defines the etiquette of writings.  

Top Features, Capabilities and Specification of Pronoun Identifier

The most common features our specialized who or whom checker online tool are listed below:

  • Highly accurate, reliable, and effective
  • Finds and fixes all types of pronoun mistakes
  • Resolves all other grammatical errors
  • Catches and corrects active and passive misuses
  • Detects spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • Finds plagiarized content and tone of the text
  • Available round the clock across the globe
  • Improves sentence structures and word choice
  • Instant access and multiple use options
  • Removes tautology and repetition
  • Available in freemium and premium versions
  • Cloud-based software platform available as web application

How Does Specialized Third Person Checker Work?

  1. Either copy and paste or type the content into the widget
  2. Click the “check my text” button. The online platform checks for pronoun mistakes and underlines them to highlight.
  3. Click on the underlined mistake. The corrective options appear.
  4. Choose the right option. Repeat for the other mistakes too.
  5. You are done!

If you are looking for specialized online support to find and fix pronoun-related mistakes in your paper, try our pronoun corrector online with full confidence!