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Writing in the English language comes with a ton of grammatical rules that can reduce the quality of the article, essay, or research paper. However, there is no need to worry because our verb finder tool skims through the writing, correcting and polishing the common mistakes regarding verb and subject agreement. 

In addition, the to be verbs finder is built with an algorithm that is updated regularly to check verbs and tenses of sentences online while writing or before submission. The subsequent sections contain information about the verbs, common mistakes regarding the verbs and subject agreement, useful tips and tricks in finding and correcting the verbs, and the common features to find in the verb finder tool.

Types and Examples on How to Fix Subject Verb Agreement

Before opting to check verbs and tense of sentences online. It is important to learn more about the verb. By definition,  a verb is a doing word, while a subject acts upon the verb. Therefore, verbs are very informative in encoding the voice, mood, aspect, and tense in action.  Before identifying verbs and subjects, it is important to learn the three main types of verbs: helping verbs, linking verbs, and action verbs.

errors to fix with verb finder tool

Action verbs

Action verbs express possession or action about an object and can either be transitive or intransitive.  In the transitive verbs, it is the noun that receives the action from the verb. For instance: Jeremy loves Yoghurt. The word Yoghurt is the noun that receives the action of love.

The other category is an intransitive verb, which means the verb can directly or indirectly act on the object. Sometimes the intransitive verbs are followed by an adverbial phrase or adverb, which in many such cases, the sentence may lack an object but include a word describing the action of the verb. For instance: Jeremy runs slowly from the school. Slowly modifies the verb run.

Linking verbs

Linking verbs connects adjectives or nouns to the subject in a sentence. For example: Jerry is in love with Ann. So is the linking verb.

Helping verbs

Helping verbs convey more information about the object and are used before the linking or the action verb. For instance: Jerry is driving west, and the road might be dangerous. Might is a helping verb.

How to Check Verbs and Tense of Sentences Online: Useful Tips and Tricks

Finding a verb in a sentence can be tedious in an urgent task, and that’s why it is advisable to use a verb corrector.  The process is simple and straightforward, log in to our online verb finder tool and write, find the verb in my sentence in the search box. The results open to a verb corrector interface mounted with special functionality like a verb highlighter that skims through while highlighting the verbs in a different color.

Finding verbs is not enough for clean and error-free writing. Therefore, it is advisable to instruct the finder to check phrasal verbs by clicking on one of the many instructions mounted in the corrector interface. Then, again, the finder skims through highlighting the phrasal verbs in a different color.

Most Common Verb-Related Mistakes and How to Be Verb Checker Fix Them

It is not advisable to opt for an autocorrect option in the verbs finder tool. Such decisions may create common mistakes and errors that add extra time and energy while fixing. In this respect, the following are common verb-related mistakes and how to fix them.

How to Fix Subject-Verb Agreement

Just as the heading suggests, the error occurs when the verb does not agree with the subject. The subject-verb agreement error occurs when the sentence is wordy. It means stuffing many words in one sentence that does not follow other grammar rules, such as a mix of tenses, plural and singular.

Again, subject-verb agreement lacks if a sentence lacks the conjunctions that join subjects.  For instance: Either Jerry or Ann have the recipe book my father wrote. Have is wrong, causing no verb and subject agreement in the sentence. The correct form is Either Jerry or Ann has the recipe book my father wrote. The advantage of the verb finder tool is the sentence subject finder that highlights the subjects and verbs, making the mistakes noticeable.

Conjugation Errors and Irregular Verbs

Identifying irregular and conjugation errors is time tasking, and in many cases, they go unnoticed. That is why the finder has an option on how to fix subject-verb agreement in a sentence. It makes the work easier and helps in understanding the errors straightforwardly and accurately.

Reasons to Use Verb Finder Tool

Still confused on how to check a paper for to be verbs, look no further because the verb finder tools comes with features such as:

  • Sentence subject finder
  • Verb corrector
  • Verb phrase finder
  • Check phrase verbs
to be verb checker features

The tool runs through a well-programmed and updated algorithm that is fast and convenient. In addition, it has a separate verb finder and adverb identifier that simplifies the search process making the whole experience simple and accurate. Our online verb finder tool has a distinct and differentiated algorithm that separates actions to reduce confusion. So whatever the writer searches for, they surely get.  Also, the tool contains a feature for subject finder in a sentence online which makes the chats and posts accurate and professional.

Most importantly, the verb finder tool offers additional functionality that performs a passive vs active verbs online check, leaving the writing organized, accurate, and easy to read. Therefore, this tool has a complete editing functionality that moves above the regular grammar check to access the quality of the sentences in the attempt to produce powerful paragraphs.

Before the tool was approved to be a verbs finder and to be a verb checker, it went through a series of editing and reprogramming to ensure the corrections are accurate and consistent with the standard English grammar rules. There is no option of making subject verb agreement errors with our verbs finder tool. Instead, the tool expands functionality to check and correct adverbs, phrasal verbs, and common errors that delimits your writing.

 Use our verbs finder to polish your writing to an expert level.